Can my Insurance Pay for a Stair Lift?

When it comes to buying a stir lift, some folks wonder if their health insurance covers partially or ever entirely the purchase.

Why Buy DC Powered Stair Lift?

DC powered stair lifts are more popular because, if the power goes out, the stairlifts will still be functional until the battery’s charge runs out.

The Benefits of Owning a Stair Chair Lift

The stair chair lift is specially designed for physically challenged people to help them get mobility that they have been deprived off. They help in getting an artificial mobility that will reduce the stress that is put on the hip joints, knees and ankles while you move. They can be used for commercial as well […]

Six Minivator Stairlifts to Consider Before Buying a Stair Chair Lift

Minivator stairlifts are manufactured buy Minivator Group, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing stairlift manufacturers. In this article we will review six Minivator stairlift models.

If You Can"t Afford a Stairlift, The StairSteady Might Be a Solution

If  you do not want a stairlift put into your house, or you cant afford one there might be a cheaper solution for you. Teenage girl on stairlift to millions after stumbling on handrail idea for a GCSE project   When Ruth Amos created a design for a handrail as part of a GCSE project, […]

Will The Healthcare Reform Bill Offset The Stairlift Cost

Here is a good article discussing how the Healthcare Reform Bill may affect the disability equipment cost. Certainly this includes the purchase and maintenance costs of a new stairlift. How the Healthcare Reform Bill Will Offset Disability Equipment Costs Regardless of where you fall on the political spectrum, no one can deny the historical impact […]