Modern Stair Lift Features

The modern stairlifts are made from aluminum or similar materials and comes in a variety of cross-sectional forms. The rails are usually attached to the stairs with metal bands.

Stair Lift Safety and Style Options

Caring for someone who needs extra attention especially when the person has difficulty in ambulation is no easy task. One thinks about safety and sense of security. The usual problem with handicapped involves going up and down the stairs where accidental falls happen. Good thing there are machines out there that make transportation easier for […]

How to Choose the Right Stair Lift Type for You

Various stairlift types are now available in the market. Though it’s not difficult to look for the best stairlift type for your stairs, it still requires cautious planning, and a careful knowledge of the stairlift market. If possible, you should compare deals from different suppliers and speak to other people who already have an experience […]

Stair Lift Accessories: ‘Slide Track’ vs. ‘Hinged Rail’

The modern stair lift is equipped with a wide variety of accessories and safety features.  They make the stair lift more expensive, but the safety and well being of our loved ones is also very important. One popular stair lift accessory is the hinged rail. It is very useful in small or compact sized house, because […]

AmeriGlide Opens First Storefront Location in Raleigh, NC

AmeriGlide, an online retailer of assistive technology for the disabled and elderly, opened their first brick-and-mortar storefront in Raleigh, NC today.

Stair Lift Rental vs. Stairlift Purchase

How realistic is it for you to opt for stair lift rental instead of purchasing your own stair chair lift depends on your budget and can be very situational to your circumstances. Indeed, rental is always cheaper than purchase depending of course on the time frame that you require the device. When you have a […]

Family-run Stair Lift Company Awarded Top UK Quality Management Certificate

It is good to see a stair lift supplying company has been recognized “for a consistent level of excellence in the goods and service its customers receive.” DOLPHIN STAIRLIFTS is one of the leading independent suppliers of access products and covers all of the United Kingdom, Southern Ireland and Spain. GLOUCESTERSHIRE-wide disabled access firm Dolphin […]