Stannah Stairlifts Receives Visit From Prince Charles

The British stair lift manufacturer, receives a high level visit form Prince Charles as the company celebrated the production of half a million chairlift.

Stannah 320 Outdoor Stairlift, Important Maintenance Tips Review

When your mobility is impaired and you are buying an outdoor stairlift, you are probably asking yourself, “How Am I Going To Be Able To Maintain It?” Seemingly small ideas and advice may help you, when a seemingly daunting task like maintenance of an outdoor stairlift is concerned. Presented here are three super tips that […]

Stannah Stairlifts | Stair Lift Design Video

Stannah Stairlifts Design Stannah stairlifts are designed according to customers’ needs and Stannah spends a lot of time talking to customers to make sure that their stairlifts are right for them and intuitive to use. Patrick Stannah – Divisional Director A key thrust of our stairlift design is to really try and understand what it […]

Stannah Stairlifts | Measuring Fitting and Installing the Stair Lift Video

Before fitting a Stannah stairlift, their sales consultants will carefully measure both the customer and their staircase.

Stannah Give Contour Homes Residents a Lift

Stannah Lift Services won a two-year contract with Contour Homes worth GBP 100,000. Contour Homes is one of the region’s largest registered social landlords. It has 20,000 properties under its ownership. Stannah Lift Services was appointed to supply maintain and install stair lifts across the properties until April 2013. “We are thrilled that we have […]

Stannah Stairlifts | Features, Key Benefits of Using The Stair Lift, Video

Stannah Stairlifts pride themselves on making innovative products, which are simple and easy to use.

Stannah Stairlifts | Stair Lift Safety Video

Stannah Stairlifts are designed to meet not only British Safety Standards, but also those set in different countries across the world.