How to Choose the Right Stair Lift Type for You

Various stairlift types are now available in the market. Though it’s not difficult to look for the best stairlift type for your stairs, it still requires cautious planning, and a careful knowledge of the stairlift market. If possible, you should compare deals from different suppliers and speak to other people who already have an experience using stair lifts.

Contact a supplier representative to assess your stairs before you get them set up the stairlift. It is really important for the representative to assess and measure your stairs so that the stairlift will safely fit to your stairways. Select a company that you can trust since the safety of the user will be their responsibility. The ideal way to know a best company is by finding out which one most users find more trustworthy and dependable.

There are two basic stairlift types – the straight and the curved. The straight stairlifts are intended for users to move on straight stairways while the curved stairlifts are designed for moving in curved stairways. In addition, you must also consider the width of your stairs and what is set below it, or on the landing area. The stairlift type that you’ll choose to install will also depend on the weight of the user who will utilize it.

Likewise, you should also decide on the stairlift type that you will need more. Most users install platform lifts outside their houses that they can use to carry a wheelchair. These are also utilized to have an easy access in public places such as malls. You must carefully study your essential needs before buying any stairlift type. Purchasing stairlift with more features than the one you really require will only result to unwanted costs.

In addition, you need to ensure that the speed of the stairlift will give comfort and ease to the user. You also need to make sure that there is a seat belt attached to the stairlift for the safety of the user. If the user has a problem with bending, do not purchase a stairlift type with folding platforms, or purchased a powered platform. If you have kids in your house, you should purchase a stairlift that can identify obstructions to avoid accidents.