Stair Lift Accessories: ‘Slide Track’ vs. ‘Hinged Rail’

The modern stair lift is equipped with a wide variety of accessories and safety features.  They make the stair lift more expensive, but the safety and well being of our loved ones is also very important.

One popular stair lift accessory is the hinged rail. It is very useful in small or compact sized house, because you can fold away the lower part of the rail when it's not in use.

This is also ideal if your stairway is right next to the doorway and the lower part of the rail of the stairlift becomes an obstruction.

Recently Multicare Stairlifts, the manufacturer of Minivator stairlifts, has come up with another ingenious solution which removes the need for hinged rail “Hinged Track” on stair lifts.

It is called “Slide Track” which is basically a sliding rail. It automatically extends and contracts when needed.

“Hinged Tracks can be dangerous, noisy and expensive,” said Martin Baldwin, Managing Director of Multicare Stairlifts.

“But this amazing invention completely removes the need for Hinged Tracks. It’s a totally new concept.”

Instead of folding it away, the track moves up the staircase at the same time as the seat is moving – leaving the doorway at the base of the stairs unobstructed.

The Slide Track is safer than the hinged system because it removes the risk of an object getting caught in the hinge.

It is fitted with safety sensors at either end, which halts the track if there is an obstacle during use. The stair lift can continue to the obstacle – if safe – or be moved away from the obstruction.

The Slide Track works automatically when the toggle or remote control is activated.

In these two videos you can see the stairlift Hinged Rail and the Slide Track in action and compare them side by side.