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ThyssenKrupp Encasa

The thought of having to go up and down the stairs can be a daunting one for older people or people who suffer with a physical disability. Taking the stairs is a hustle for the aged, especially when they are diagnosed with medical problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure and other body complications.

That is the point of time when we start to shop around for the best stairlifts to help with safe mobility around the house.

Nevertheless, what is so special about these stairlifts? You may ask.

This is a query most of us are not able to answer though we find our partners and friends in dire need of them.  However, to make it simpler for you, these devices are the perfect aid to help lower the number of accidents caused by stair-falls. They also help improve life’s quality because the user can move between floors without expensive aids or full-time care, among others.

If you are looking for a proper stairglide, the following are things you have to keep in mind.


Just like all other products or items that you buy for your home, quality is one of the most important determining factors you have to consider. You cannot afford to buy low quality stairway chairlift because they will be used every day. Getting a high quality chairlift will save you the trouble of repairs after each year. Stair lifts from ThyssenKrupp Encasa are sourced from the highest quality vendors around to ensure safety to users and buyers alike.


Another significant factor is the need the lift has to fulfill. Its functions have to be seamless with your home’s functionality.


Before you think of going for a stairway liftchair, analyze some of the factors that you want it to achieve. For example, you may have to check out the cool models and one that will solve all your movement issues especially when shopping for the aged.

The stairlift models at ThyssenKrupp Encasa include the Comfort and the Levant straight stair lifts and the Flow 2 which will fit any staircase. The lifts are made with high technology and designed uniquely for effective use and safety at home. Some of the features they carry with them include remote control, powered options, free movement in any direction and a slim line design.


The increasing demand for stairway chairlifts has significantly affected the acceptable prices; most sellers have increased prices for these vital mobility aids. Even though prices might bend for the upper limits,

ThyssenKrupp Encasa manufacturers their own stair lifts so can offer competitive prices for these lifesaving aids.

Overall, your decision to purchase a stair lift is in itself a win for safer mobility at home. ThyssenKrupp Encasa has the stairlifts that meet the necessary safety, affordability and functional scales to make ownership simple and hassle free.

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