TOP 10 WORST ELEVATORS – The Elevator Show

Happy new year everyone! I decided to celebrate with a little blast from the past. Finding poorly maintained and strange elevators is one of the most fun parts of elevator photography, in my opinion. While none of the elevators in this video are actually dangerous (and in fact, most of them aren"t really that bad at all), they"re all bad enough to make the average person off the street worry a bit. You can find a full video (and sometimes many videos) of any of these elevators by searching for the location on my channel.

UPDATE 2/14/14: I"d say that my worst elevator really IS the worst. According to a few reviews on TripAdvisor, an elevator in the complex accelerated from the 6th floor and crashed into the bottom of the shaft! The manager responded in an earlier review and confirmed it:

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TOP 10 WORST ELEVATORS – The Elevator Show

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