Why Are Stair Lifts So Slow?

this isn't a slow stair liftWhen you first begin testing out one of the many makes and models of stair lifts available on the market today, you may notice is that they aren’t very fast, and that they move slowly up and down the stairs.

This is a safety precaution and not a technical issue. Most stairlifts are designed to start very slow so that you do not get an unexpected jolt that could cause you to lose balance and have a serious accident.

Once moving, the lift will go up a set of 15 stairs in around 45 seconds. When they get close to the top or the bottom, if you are descending down, they come to a slow stop as well.

Modern stairlifts are also designed to be very quiet. It’s not like the old days when they would be pretty noisy.

Some are equipped with a rack and pinion system, while others operate on a belt drive. Either one is fine, as both systems are extremely quiet when running.