13th Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House


13th Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House — 24 Comments

  1. Happy Birthday Roky Erickson!!!
    13th Floor Elevators – Slip Inside This House

  2. The absolute high point for this band is this great song right here…….

  3. I think that time machines exist and Roky Eriksen heard Primal Scream’s
    version and went back and recorded it with crappy instruments. Whatever,
    two great versions of a great tune, anyone else do another good version?

  4. So Would You………….SLIP INSIDE THIS HOUSE….?? Excellent tune..♥♥

  5. “Slip Inside This House” by 13th Floor Elevators, as performed on the
    “Easter Everywhere” album.

  6. For ALL you wonderful, unique and loving crazies.One of my absolute
    faves…waaay ahead of their time. ..
    13th Floor Elevators
    ~Slip Inside This House~
    Primal Scream (Scottish Psychedelic Band did a fantastic cover of this on
    their highly acclaimed Album Screamadelica)
    All love and respect
    Beatnick B ♥♥

  7. I read “Eye Mind” last year. It chronicles the development of the band.
    These guys (probably mostly Roky) suffered not only each other and their
    trips, but the f***ed up Texas culture at the time. I remember listening to
    them on AM radio in Houston as a kid in the late 60’s and early 70’s,
    oblivious to the crap they went though to produce the creative master work
    they made.

  8. Such a masterpiece. Unbelievable, almost. Up there with Stairway to Heaven,
    and things like that. 

  9. well,ahem, they were all heads, but Tommy got there with the lyrics for the
    rest of us.

  10. I was there with them and they were decent people and artists of AWE. Yes
    I was known as Gretta. 

  11. We play this Album every single Easter at full Volume!
    (Pat, Switzerland)