Acorn Stairlift Parody — 25 Comments

  1. “Don’t tell your mother!” “I think its time we put you in a nursing home
    dad. Mom has been dead for 12 yrs.” “nonscence, tonight i am going to fuck
    that shit, oh yeah.” LOL

  2. dad! your never going to believe this! I think my kid is a fucking retard!
    Yesterday he beat a horse to death with his toy truth! BEE BEE BEEP WOOO
    BEEP BEEP BEEP! Hes going to be retarded! Just like his granddad!

  3. “Dad, ha, your never gonna believe this. I think my son’s a fuckin retard!”

  4. Oh dear god, I’m crying and my stomach hurts soo bad Beep beep Beep WOOOO

  5. “Dad, you’re not gonna believe this…I think my son’s retarded!” Lmfao I
    almost fucking died from laughter!!!!! XD

  6. Its not like a bad person is chasing u down the stairs and u go like “sh!t,
    lemme sit on my stairlift to descend the stairs” and he’ll go like “oh yeah”

  7. hes going to be retarded? like his granddad, lmfaooo had me in tears