Acorn Stairlift Problems – Are They Really That Frequent? — 7 Comments

  1. A very old relative age 89 has been ejected from a very well known
    stairlift.Ejected over the armrest on the side of this unit, and she fell
    down 12 stairs, with the chair following her down the stairs. No this was
    not from Gremlins. My relative has recieved 12 mths home visits from the
    medical team, and we count her lucky to be alive. With over 190.000 sold,
    don’t tell me this was the only rogue lift? LET ME KNOW..” From small
    acorns big Oak trees grow”

  2. Acorn stairlifts really never have any problems. I only install the Acorn

  3. Acorn is the worst stairlift on the market . Dont buy one. If you pay for
    the “heavy duty model” all they do is pit a different sticker on it. Plus
    there circuit board is very cheap and not covered under the lifetime
    warranty, and cost over $1000 to replace. I have 17 years experiance in the
    stairlift and home elevator Biz.

  4. We had an Acorn installed 11 years ago. This is the best thing we ever did!
    The Acorn runs and runs like a work horse. Never had any problems.

  5. Acorn stairlifts are poorly constructed in Australia and prey on the
    elderly by diabolical installations and faulty workmanship which they
    then fail to remedy. The chair has a design fault which can cause the
    seat post to fracture causing serious injury to the user. Suggest trying a
    alternate Company in Australia that has a track record of a being
    reputable and honest. Avoid this organisation´╗┐