Acorn StairLift Video — 16 Comments

  1. Just commenting to say what a good and informative video you’ve posted,
    demonstrating a Stairlift from an Acorn Stairlifts.

  2. Come on people, this video was made AFTER my mother DIED! She couldn’t walk
    up the stairs anymore, in fact she died 2 weeks after it was installed.. We
    were selling it so made a video showing that it worked. Be Nice!

  3. @ilovetohavelonglogin WHat do you think they are for? AND why do people
    have stairlifts put in? Maybe when your mother gets lung caner cant cant
    walk them! GROW UP!

  4. Does cavi in your name have to do with Cavaliers? Just curious. How e
    pensive was this Acorn stairlift? Was it worth it? It looked like it took
    up 1/2 the width of staircase. 

  5. She has nice B cup boobs…………but these things should have a faster
    speed incase you really have to take a big dump in the hurry….

  6. Just watched the video. FYI, It is not supposed to beep at the top when the
    seat is turned to get off. The mechanic did a half ass job working on it!