Bicycle Powered Tree Home Elevator

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”E5FSWkjFPxs” title=”Bicycle Powered Tree House Elevator” upload_time=”2013-08-20T02:19:00.000Z” description=”To use this video in a commercial player or in broadcasts, please email Updated video here: I have built”]
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Updated video right here:

I have constructed a tree property (although it is not completed however) that is almost 30 feet up a tree. I got tired of climbing a ladder six and a half million occasions a day, so I produced a bicycle powered elevator to resolve this issue. Never you want you had a single? :p I welcome any inquiries or comments.

Also, I was beneath the impression that this was clear, but I have been verified quite a great deal incorrect: It is A DOG, NOT A BEAR.

There look to be a handful of often asked inquiries, so I will answer them right here in hopes that persons will study this prior to asking inquiries, or misinforming other persons with incorrect notion.

1) How do you get off at the major? Quite basic: I step off the bicycle, and onto the treehouse. Because this video was produced, I have reduce a section out of the (short-term) railing to make this much easier.

two) What takes place if you neglect to anchor the bike at the bottom? It would go flying back to the major, but I can not think about how I could feasible neglect to do that, mainly because it would be fairly clear when receiving off that anything was incorrect. But even if I did handle to do that, there will usually be a ladder of some sort for backup.

three) What if you fall/is that secure? Of course it is not “secure”, but neither is walking across the street. That mentioned, practically just about every element of the program is a lot of occasions stronger than vital, and there is no single element that would make it no cost fall if it broke. And even if it did fall, I would most most likely survive it is only 28 feet (at most).

four) Can you give us a tour of the tree property? Yes, as quickly as it is completed.

five) Can you do a tutorial? I could, but I believe that would not be vital. If you are capable of constructing this for your self, you can in all probability figure out how it operates mainly from hunting at it. And if you are not that capable, you in all probability should not be attempting to make anything like this…

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