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A stair lift is a medical device that has a railing system attached to a stairway. It lets users ascend the stairway while sitting on a chair. The stair lift is a practical solution for users who can easily get out of it because it doesn’t cost as much as the other accessibility products for the home.

There are many stair lift models today but they can be classified into two types only. The first type is called straight stair lift and the second kind is called curved stair lift. They also can be adopted for outdoor use. These are called outdoor stair lifts.

Adaptive Environments is one of the stair lift manufacturers in United States. This company is based in Michigan and they have been serving the consumers there since 1985. Adaptive Environments is a member of the national association for elevator builders.

They have a showroom where prospective customers can check their products and talk with their sales representatives. They characterize their stair lifts as user-friendly.

Adaptive Environments have several stair lift models that can fit any kind of stairway. The stair lifts they supply don’t require owners to modify any part of their stairways. The stair lifts can be folded after use.

All the models they carry are battery powered. This means that users can use them even when there is a blackout. Adaptive Environments first assess the premises of the prospective stair lift buyer.

They assess the stairway so they can recommend the right model that will suite the place and the needs of the stair lift user. Adaptive Environments does not have sub-contractors for the stair lift installations.

The people who install the stair lifts are also highly skilled with years of technical experience. They also take the time to inform the buyer about the proper use and maintenance of the stair lift.

Adaptive Environments is one of the authorized dealers for Bruno Stair Lifts Company. They have made the commitment to offer products that have excellent quality, like the stair lifts made by Bruno. Bruno assures that all their dealers, like Adaptive Environments, have the sufficient knowledge to install and repair their products.

One of Adaptive Environment’s best sellers is the Bruno Elite stair lift. This model should be used inside the house. It has a sophisticated and ergonomic design. This stair lift is very stable because of its durable clamp.

The railing is also very slim giving more space on the stairway. The buyers can also choose the upholstery for the chair. Bruno Elite stair lift has a digital screen that informs the user of the current status of the unit.


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  1. I am very interested in your product, especially with the stairlift, I tried to contact representatives in Singapore, but not in my desire by potential customers, prospective customers asked me to contact my office directly to Bruno. I asked Bruno to management headquarters can serve me as requested by my prospective customer, if possible I am empowered as a sales agent in the territory of Indonesia.

  2. Would like to know where your Bruno Stair lifts are available in Cape Town, South Africa?