Bruno Stairlifts

Bruno’s Elite Curve model offers a safe and durable design that installs on virtually all curved stairways! Leading-edge technology assuring complete stability as you move up and down the stairway — even during power outages, and inside turns offer the flexibility of mounting the curved stairlift on either side of the staircase. Curved staircases are an elegant and prominent part of your home, don’t allow them to compromise your independence. A curved stairlift by Bruno is the solution!
Bruno’s Elite Curve Stairlift

Question: My Father is a right leg amputee and we are going to install a stairlift inside my parents’ two story home. We have been doing a little bit of shopping and have info. on both the Bruno and Acorn brands. We’re simply seeking input from anyone who has first hand knowledge or recommendations. Thanks for your help!

Answer: Hi,

My Grandmother has had a Stannah for the last few years and it has been brilliant.
Also it comes with 2 year warranty and 24/7 servicing which we found reassuring.
Oh, they also do reconditioned stairlifts so you could save a bit.Have a look at

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