Buying a Stair Lift as an Investment

With care services some of the hardest hit at present, it will be no surprise that caring for elderly family members is increasingly falling to a generation that have family and career responsibilities, and who are finding their physical and emotional resources stretched too thin to cope. With anything up to 87% of caregivers admitting to problems with their mental health as a consequence, you would be well advised to think ahead, and acquaint yourself with possible solutions.

The Issues

By definition, those providing family-centered elderly care are middle aged themselves, and likely to have pre-existing physical conditions in their own right, or be at a high risk of developing them as a direct result of their care duties. The statistics are startlingly high, with a little over four-fifths reporting conditions such as insomnia, back, and joint pain.

The Solution

Why a stair lift can be a great investment.

Investment in a stairlift can make you life easier.

Investment in a stairlift can make your life easier.

A relatively small investment in the latest in mobility technology can make everyone’s life easier, and more dignified, not to mention giving a little independence back to the patient. Introducing stairlifts into the mobility assistance equipment can be a complete life-changer. By having one installed into the patient’s home, you have a reliable means of moving the patient around without fear of falls or injury to either them or the caregiver.

New, slimmer designs make stair lifts possible for even the narrowest of staircases, and most are now remote controlled. As an alternative to lifting someone unable to walk up and down staircase unaided, it is a valuable investment.

Sadly, a great many care providers find themselves in a position where even a part-time job is impossible to hold down with any reliability, and money is extremely tight. However, a stairlift is not the major expense it once was, and has now fallen within the reach of most households who find themselves in this position.

Although you almost certainly don’t wish to think of older family members being in a position where they need your care for even the most basic of day to day tasks, it is worth, for everyone’s peace of mind, doing your research on stair lifts. Knowing what’s out there to help you should the need arise could be a great investment of time and money.


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