Game Maker: Platformer Part 10 – Vertical Platforms — 7 Comments

  1. Good job with the tutorial, seems real helpful. Also, thanks for uploading
    so frequently, it seems like you’re the only person I could find who
    uploads GM tutorials regularly.

  2. @wisemage0 Thanks, and no problem. I’m happy to help. The next tutorial
    should be up soon. I will be covering ladders.

  3. @Indieoogle Well, in the meantime…my platform moves on it’s own nicely,
    but whenever I try to use my vertical platform I get totally stuck (it
    keeps moving, though). Also if I stand underneath the platform, I fall
    through the floor, since I don’t know how to apply that with statement to
    prevent players going through the ceiling the other way around. Any advice?

  4. @wisemage0 I tried creating the same problem you are having, but no luck so
    far. So I’m not quite sure without seeing the code. If you don’t mind, send
    me the file in a PM, and I will look over it. And the thing about going
    through the floor, I’m sorry about that. I forgot to tell how to prevent
    that in this tutorial, but I will cover that in the next one. In fact, I’m
    about to start recording right now.

  5. @wisemage0 is your obj_player’s parent the floor or block? messing around
    with mine, it seemed to affect the platform like your sayin. as for the
    second problem, he explains that fix at the end of next vid, lol.

  6. Another great tutorial! But I found a problem, If you jump when on the
    platform(and touch the top) you switch down, like you typed,but i found no
    more mistakes(besides falling through the floor) But i think this is one of
    my favorite tutorials of yours, thank you!

  7. mine won’t go up if the player is standing on it, and i cant move
    horizontaly on the platform´╗┐