Area Elevators

Hank discuss area elevators, and why we should not anticipate to see one whenever quickly.

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Area Elevators — 25 Comments

  1. Just build a huge cannon and shoot drones/supplies into space , or build a
    moon base and try to construct most of our needs there.

  2. I certainly think the biggest issue holding a Space Elevator from happening
    in the foreseeable future is terrorism.
    A space elevator is like a giant sign saying “Blow me up”.
    It wouldn’t be easy but I guarantee someone’d do it.

  3. you can’t make space elevator (assume you are not using north or south
    pole), because of conservation of angular momentum, the result is, the
    orbital speed of earth will be lowered or the space station will be pulled
    away. Please stop proposing noobish idea

  4. What would happen if one of those space elevators got blown up at the base
    with some c4? What would happen if a rocket/plane impacted in the middle?
    What would happen in the event of a large earthquake? Would it have the
    same devastating effects as an orbital strike? How expensive would it be to
    build a new one and what probability is there that a space elevator gets
    destroyed several times? What would the estimated cost of the damage be and
    is there any reasonable assumption we can make on the ammount of times that
    a space elevator will get destroyed by terrorists or natural disaster?

  5. The elevator has a fatal flaw. It can’t avoid space junk. Every orbit
    crosses the equator at some point, so it is guaranteed that something would
    eventually hit the elevator, most likely in low orbit where it is moving
    faster and is closer together. There really is no practical way to move the
    elevator out of the way, or get rid of every single piece of junk between
    earth and geostationary orbit.

  6. A space elevator might solve the energy crisis ahead of us. Solar panels
    are much more effective in space, since there’s no atmosphere, and
    constructing a huge solar power plant at the edge of the elevator would
    create alot of power.

  7. I wonder if having an asteroid being pulled by earth would have any
    noticeable effect on the tides or similar gravity sensitive earth

  8. 2:42 The ironic part is at this point we will have humans on mars by 2024
    if everything goes according schedule.

  9. Ok, I may have missed something or could just be dumb but; wouldn’t
    whatever we connect the other end of the elevator to have to be moving with
    the Earth’s rotation(of it’s axis)?
    I mean otherwise it would get pulled apart … ?

  10. I don’t care about the moon I don’t even know what the hell the traveler
    does yet!!! (Some of you might get this). :)

  11. For some reason I masturbated 8 times today. I normally masturbate like 3
    times a week. What the fuck!

  12. What if we used a rail gun powered by a hydroelectric dam or a nuclear
    power plant. But instead of bullets, we fire a spacecraft full of cargo or
    people. Make the rail start off flat then slowly increase at a steady
    incline like a ramp. Also make the speed start slow and steadily increase
    faster and faster. It would shoot the spacecraft into orbit and even if it
    didn’t completely make it the spacecraft could use rockets with much less
    fuel to make it the rest of the way. Yes the building of a dam or power
    plant and the rail gun would be expensive, but so would a space elevator or
    sending dozens of rockets with cargo for a moon base. And we have the
    technology today for a large rail gun.

  13. Ofcourse the host is 100% fitting the nerd sterotype outfit on a channel
    like this.

  14. you should post a video purely on the bloopers you guys have while making
    all these videos cus the guy looks like he’s about to laugh in half of the
    scenes you do

  15. Well, crap. Another great hope shot to shit. Oh well. It would have been
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