Area Engineers: Structure on the Fundamentals Ep.2 – Elevators and doors

In episode 2 of Structure on the Fundamentals I respond to an audience concern about developing a 2 phase door + platform setup and discuss ways to utilize timers with that as an example. Later on we take a look at making a dual-stage elevator and ways to link stacks of pistons together in a manner that’s steady.

2 Phase Door + Platform – 0:28
Timer explanation/example – 9:30
Utilizing adapters in doors – 17:08
Stacking pistons in a steady method – 18:58
Elevator Jazz – 20:12
Dual Phase Elevator – 22:16
Timer’s as a ‘Function Block’ – 26:46

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This video was produced utilizing video games from Eager Software application Home.

“Aurea Carmina” Kevin MacLeod (
Certified under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0.


Area Engineers: Structure on the Fundamentals Ep.2 – Elevators and doors — 23 Comments

  1. As before hit me up in the comments if you have anything specific you’d
    like me to cover or any tips you think I should include! I’d also be
    interested to know if people prefer this longer format or the more
    quick-fire format from the first episode?

  2. I’ve learnt allot from this single video, keep up the good work space
    engineer! And to answer your question, I personally prefer these longer in
    depth episodes.

  3. Clear explanation, it’s pleasing to see someone explain basics fonctions of
    timerblock, great stuff ! But you should show what the mechanism is doing
    first and then build it ! Keep up the good work !

  4. You would probably be fine with just the 5 timers as turning off the turret
    and reversing its platform back in at the same time would be fine.

    And this is a very useful thing for me thanks :)

  5. Maybe you should try to record and then commentate in post for these types
    of videos, it should help stay more coherent and save on time since you
    don’t need to concentrate on talking and doing something at the same time.

    Great stuff though.

  6. Excellent tutorial, there are too many out there that do not explain the
    steps as thoroughly as you (or in some cases at all). This series is going
    to be a tremendous help, looking forward to the next episodes.

  7. Oh wow, I can’t believe how wrong I was about how timer blocks work =P
    Wonderfully put together, well done =)
    One of these days I’ll show you what I picture will be my survival ship’s
    turret deployment system. It involves mounting the turret on a rotating
    wall, with a connector underneath, pointed outside. When on battle mode,
    the wall rotates, the turret will go outside, the connector will go inside,
    and a piston will extend to feed that connector and, thus, the turret
    itself. I believe it is a little bit better of a system, as the turret
    comes out perpendicular to the wall, keeping its blind spots to a minimum
    (only directly overhead). And it’s cheap, too! =)

  8. Great video as always, though I was wondering at 5:49, could the turret not
    sit on the blast door edge block you had set at number 3 on your toolbar?
    This’d enable you to use light armour blocks under the whole turret
    platform instead of needing a strip of blast door blocks?

  9. Great stuff! Even tho I already knew all of these things I’ve watched the
    whole video due to your great and understandable explaining.
    Could you make an episode where you show how some sort of “if function”
    works and how to make it, as far as you know how to :)? I have seen that in
    a combination lock with 9 buttons on the workshop and would be interested
    to know how it works.
    Keep up the great work!

  10. To use just a single button design you could have the first “in” timer
    block be turned off by the last “in” timer block which also turns on the
    first “out” timer block which gets turned off by the last “out” timer block
    which also turns back on the first “in” timer block & group both first
    timer block together & set the group to a button

  11. You said “less speedy” at the end. I seriously wonder what it will look
    like if you are in a hurry (without editing) Awesome tutorial. Funny is
    that I can hear your fingers pushing buttons faster than a gatling gun fire
    This is gold, thanks. I need to see few more times though :)

  12. i have been recreating a copy of the sylvanus from Last Exile and i still
    cannot figure out how to make a 3 floor lift that stretches around 50
    blocks.. any idea?

  13. i just found out how easy it is to accedently hit the dislike button when
    you want to like a video… youtube should space those buttons out more

  14. Need to check this myself, but I’m pretty sure you’d only need two timers.
    Toolbar 1: open door
    Toolbar 2: open tray
    Toolbar 3: turn on turret.
    then, obviously the reverse for the 2nd block. 🙂

    If I remember right, the delay applies to the transition between toolbars.

    still, amazeballs video :D