Stannah Stairlifts | Features, Key Benefits of Using The Stair Lift, Video

Stannah Stairlifts pride themselves on making innovative products, which are simple and easy to use.

Andy Knowles – National Sales Manager
Our new stairlifts our Solus and Sofia model is the first stairlift to actually have a seat belt which has been specifically designed for a stairlift and that can be used very very easily by most of our users just with one hand.

Gary Hopkin – Regional Distributions Manager
We have a feature called a two-way power swivel so if you’re getting off in a tight space we have now got the feature where the lift will swivel into a hallway to give you more access. That’s done electrically so there’s no effort involved in that. But on a powered swivel if you swivel at the top to get off and leave it swivelled then someone downstairs can use the remote control to electrically swivel it, bring the lift down and they can use it as well.

Jon Stannah – Managing Director
And to be able to fold the chair, the arms and the footrest in one easy movement is something that I don’t think any other stairlift manufacturer has been able to achieve. I think that goes some way towards making it the easiest chair to use on the marketplace.

Patrick Stannah – Divisional Director
A Stannah stairlift does allow people to really just continue to live the life that they have been used to living for the last twenty or thirty years or however long it is.

Brian Stannah – Joint Chairman
There are tremendous social benefits of staying in your home because you are surrounded by neighbors that you have been friendly with years, with your loved furniture which perhaps wouldn’t fit in another location perhaps with your pets and animals which you might not be able to take into a flat.

Steve Leathley – Engineering Director
When you see these products installed and you see someone actually getting upstairs or downstairs painlessly for the first time for some years it makes it all worthwhile.