Stannah Stairlifts | Stair Lift Safety Video

Stannah Stairlifts are designed to meet not only British Safety Standards, but also those set in different countries across the world.

Patrick Stannah – Divisional Director

It is very important that a company like Stannah Stairlifts and a product like ours, provides peace of mind, not only for the user of the stairlift but also for the partner and for the sons and daughters in the family.

Steve Leathley – Engineering Director

Well safety is everything for Stannah Stairlifts. We not only prove to ourselves that we meet every single standard across the world, which we do, but we also encourage people like British Standards to come in here and audit our products so they can also verify that we meet these standards.

Gary Hopkin – Regional Distributions Manager

A fear of a lot of people is little fingers going inside it while it’s moving, but we have got safety sensors all around the stairlift. The moment anything gets where it shouldn’t go the stairlift stops.

Jon Stannah – Managing Director

We have a unique key design for the stairlift which enables customers to intuitively turn the lift off at the top of the stairs, and they can see when it’s turned off.

Gary Hopkin – Regional Distributions Manager

And then we can then remove it and take it away and without that nobody can use it.

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