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With over 25 years of experience, innovation, and creating cutting-edge stair lifts, Bruno Independent Living Aids has become an industry leader manufacturing a wide range of accessibility products. Of all brands, Bruno offer perhaps the largest selection of stairlifts and chairlifts and is a leading manufacturer in North America.

Bruno lifts currently are built in four main configurations for both inside and outside installations. The three indoor models are part of the Electra-Ride Straight Rail line; and include the Electra-Ride LT, Electra-Ride II / III, and Electra-Ride Elite. The company makes an Outdoor Electra-Ride Elite built to accommodate all types of weather conditions and an astounding 400lb weight capacity.

Bruno electra ride ii straight railThe most important highlight, in my opinion, is the fact that the company builds safe, simple and dependable products that are reliable, and that you can count on them working when you need it the most. I’ve personally had a family member stuck out in the rain because his wheelchair lift, made by another company, stopped working. And while anything can happen, the Elites are known for withstanding all-weather conditions and being extremely reliable. I’d venture to say, my grandfather wouldn’t have been stuck waiting for help had he purchased a lift from a reputable manufacturer.

Like AmeriGlide, their chairlifts have built-in soft start/stop for a smooth ride without getting jerked around. This is an important feature and something not available from quite a few of the generic manufacturers. In important to mention that the chairs are not only visually attractive, but they’re also solid and high-tech. Rather than going with the circuit-board-less approach, these stairlifts have built in visual diagnostic center that will notify their service department of what exactly went wrong in the unlikely event of a problem. This can be a valuable time saver and help you avoid delays in ordering parts or getting someone to your door.

Overall, if you’re looking for a proven, trusted stairlift, Bruno is certainly a great choice. There are authorized dealers in almost every State in the US. And while they don’t approve of the do-it-yourself thinking, it’s hard to ignore the quality and trustworthy reputation that their tech team has created over the past quarter-century.

Also, above all the other manufacturers, the simplicity and ease of installation make Bruno the brand of choice for the DIY consumer.


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