Why Buy DC Powered Stair Lift?

AC vs DC

There are two types of stair lifts when it comes to the way they get powered:

  1. The AC (alternating current) powered stairlift is connected directly to the household electrical system.
  2. The DC powered stair lift uses a battery that recharges from the household electrical system.

Today, DC driven stairlifts are more popular because, if the power goes out, they will still be functional until the battery charge runs out.

The drawback is that they are usually more expensive.

But if you can’t tackle the stairway without the help of a chair lifts, the extra money you would spend on buying a DC stairlift might be well worth it.

Families in UK learned this the hard way…

Senior citizens in Cirencester were left gasping for air and pinned down to their stair lifts for more than one hour because they continued having blackouts in and around the city.


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