Clint Norway x Elevators (Official Video) ϟϟ

Edited By.@Clint Norway
Shot By.Therapist Jones
Dir.@Clint Norway
[Teenage Wasteland] Drops OCTOBER 31st.2013 ϟϟ
Clint Norway x Elevators (Official Video) ϟϟ


Clint Norway x Elevators (Official Video) ϟϟ — 25 Comments

  1. No I’m sorry that you feel that way but it’s always somebody out there does
    better in person it was quick so keep your head up and don’t give up they
    won’t go out like you did you video you’re very handsome person good brain
    how to put it its on your shoulder don’t want to go out that way it will
    never forgive us just keep looking for someone address for you out there
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  2. You create life in this desolated wasteland known as rap. Don’t change man.
    Evolve. Keep up the good work. 

  3. this my get high song right here. Every time im feeling low i play this but
    foe real where can i download this