How to repair Typical Stair Lift challenges

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”3mNx-LovLRE” title=”How to fix Common Stair Lift problems” upload_time=”2011-06-23T14:37:50.000Z” description=””] How to repair frequent challenges with your stair lift.


How to repair Typical Stair Lift challenges — 9 Comments

  1. Why would you want to have to keep fixing this problem? It would seem to be
    a big enough problem that they had to post the fix so customers would not
    keep calling. Why not just buy a better quality system that does not have
    to be reset after every other run?

  2. The poster is not the manufacturer. They’re just providing some free,
    hopefully helpful, advice for those who have one of these stairlifts.

  3. The poster is the Marketing company trying to sell lifts and using Youtube
    to gain added Marketing of their name and brand. I have many customers who
    were sold these units and constantly have to pull up on the cable to reset
    the slack safety. Buying a better quality lift will help assure less

  4. Never buy a stairlift that uses cables. These things have killed pets,
    taken fingers off, and have sent old ladies out the window during failures.

  5. My Father’s Arrowlift chair will not quit ringing. Even unplugged. Can
    you help me?

  6. My Brooks is running very slow. Is there an easy fix, if so, how?

  7. the brake is jammed on the chair and it is stuck in place haw can I free