Minecraft: Floors, Food & Elevators – Hypermine Vanilla SMP Lets Play 6 — 25 Comments

  1. Nope…won’t un-sub. As for the building name, maybe “StoneCrash”? As
    usual, another enjoyable episode.

  2. Not sure about anyone else, but I enjoy watching whatever you put out.
    Redstone tuts are great but so are the lets play episodes!

  3. Really like all you put out! Only thing that would make it better is MOAR!

  4. People subbed for the inventions People don’t want sub-boxes overloaded
    with lets-plays. If it bothers you make a LP channel: ‘Snocrash LPs’

  5. I also unsubbed for various reasons. I could explain why if you’d like to
    know why.

  6. Started a new world the other day, there are about 10 ravines round my

  7. Haste 1 and eff 5 diamond pick is the minimum to instamine clay. This means
    you only need a 3×3 size beacon. Much quicker to set up. 

  8. Really unbelievable that subs would drop your let’s play. Like you said the
    content is great, quality video and narration. Keep doing what you are
    doing I like your channel