Outkast – Elevator (Me & You) — 25 Comments

  1. These boys,never claim to be gangsters,only pimps!
    You never call Eminem a gangster! 

  2. Kanye vs. outkast is no comparison true Savon Hill. But for totally
    different reasons than I think you are speaking of and in the opposite
    direction for the better. Kanye as a rapper couldn’t hold 3 stacks or big
    boi’s jock straps. Outkast has shown major growth from album to album over
    the years always pushing the envelope and changing the game. They also come
    from a much much smaller media market with less ability to reach out and
    develop any fan base before landing a major record deal. Not blasting Kanye
    by any means, he has style and is very innovative, but these guys paved
    that road for him to do what he does. I am quite sure if he was asked he
    would pay them the utmost respect. Well…maybe he is kind of a doucher. As
    far as Kanye being a producer, so are both andre and big boi, they make
    ttracks with real instruments that they play and not just sampling old 30’s
    and 40’s r & b tracks. Kanye actually sort of borrowed a lot of his style
    from dip set producers. Further more Andre and Big Boi both brilliant
    actors especially Andre and both are now dabbling in directing and writing
    screenplays. So in the war of great hip hop acts that could be kanye vs.
    Outkast there is no comparison Outkast– the predecessor wins out all day!
    Good talk!

  3. From East Cleveland to East Atlanta been bumping this song since I was 4-5
    years old

  4. Not a big fan of hip hop or rap, but damn… this is really good. I’ll
    never get tired of this song.

  5. lmao. deleted all the facts i laid out puttin young marcus down here in his
    place for talkin all dat dum sh1t. its cool doe LMFAO

  6. “Got stopped at the mall the other day
    Heard a call from the other way that I just came from
    Some nigga was saying something, talking ’bout smoke something “Hey man,
    you remember me from school?” “No not really”
    But he kept smiling like a clown, facial expression looking silly”

  7. Is somebody speaks french here ? i need someone to makes me understand the
    meaning of this song.