Stair Lift Reviews

A stair chair lift can connect people with disabilities to everyone in the household.

It is a very big help for them to be able to get around the house comfortably. It is a good thing that this machine exists nowadays. Stair chair lift is normally made for incapacitated person with disabilities who needs be liberated. For indoor use, stair chair lift will be helpful because they can move alone to do simple tasks at home like going up and down the stairs. They don’t have to get down from their wheelchair or ask assistance. With the help of stair chair lift, they can do whatever they need to do. Same with outdoor use; the only difference is there are activities which the stairlift might not fit with whatever places they will go. They might find it a little harder with using the stair chair lift because there are limitations.

Another thing to appreciate this device includes the stair chair lift must also meet detailed substantial needs. According to different types and uses of stair chair lift, it doesn’t have the same purpose as what it can give to others. It maybe has same benefit that it can help them in many ways by making things a lot easier without the help of another but it also depends on your substantial needs. To better understand this, let’s take for an example the sick individual with disabilities. They need a different type of stairlift because they cannot use their hand to help their stairlift to move. They need a very protective and safe one with automatic sensitiveness that commands the stairlift to move once the user is already sited in the lift. Or they can choose a stair chair lift that can be moved by another person for him. Though, not many people can afford to have one, they can still choose the self-installed stair chair lift wherein they can choose whatever they want the lift to be and its capabilities that can give to the user.

According to the manufacturers, there are about 15-20 stair chair lifts models to select from. There are various brands that by understanding its uses, the person with disabilities can guarantee satisfaction. There is one brand that is will be suitable. The only key to selecting the right stair chair lift is to know and understand your specific needs and how they relate into a specific stairlift model. There are many other associations between the stair chair lift models that would fit for your special requirements.

Bruno Stair Lift Reviews

Founded in 1984, the Bruno Independent Living Aids company manufactures mobility products for physically challenged people. The brand is well-known in the mobility industry for its fairly extensive selection of quality products. Their home accessibility solutions include stairlifts, which allow an individual to move between the floors of a multi-story home. Bruno stairlifts may be used to fit most common staircase styles and include their straight-rail stair lifts, curved rail stairlifts as well as an option for exterior stairs. Bruno Independent Living Aids is ISO 9001 Certified, which means that they make their products to consistently meet a high standard.

Bruno provides a selection of four models for those who wish to install a stairlift in their home. The goal is an installation that does its job effectively and safely without detracting from the home’s character. The stairlifts are available to suit most budgets and come with a range of features.

The Elan SRE-3000

Elan Straight Rail Stair LiftThe standard features of the Elan Straight Rail Stair Lift are:

  • The ability to carry up to 300lbs
  • Continuous charging along the strip
  • A beltless direct-drive motor
  • 12-volt batteries that are chargeable from any home electrical outlet
  • Can be installed on either side of a staircase
  • Flip-up seat so as not to obstruct the stairs
  • Safety sensors that stop the stairlift if there is an obstruction

The continuous charging feature is one that sets the Elan apart as it means that the stairlift can be charged wherever it stops. Some other stairlifts require that the chair be either at the top or at the bottom for it to be charged. The batteries allow the Elan to be used even during a power outage. The seat is offset and it swivels, which makes it easy for a user to get out when it reaches the landing.

Downsides of the Elan

While the chair itself is entirely secure, some users find that it wobbles slightly. That slight wobble may mean that the chair is less than secure for users approaching the 300lb weight-limit. Another reported issue is the fact that it seems a little on the slow side. Fortunately, the continuous charging allows users in a hurry to take it a part of the way up the stairs and walk the rest of the way if they are able.

Brochures: Download the Elan Brochure   Download the Elan Option Sheet

The Elite SRE-2010 Elite Model SRE-2010

Whereas the Elan is designed with a priority on functionality, the Elite is designed to both be functional and to fit perfectly with the aesthetics of a home. Along with its streamlined and tasteful appearance, the Elite has features such as:

  • The ability to carry up to 400lbs
  • The ability to charge continuously along the strip
  • A beltless direct-drive motor
  • 12-volt batteries that are chargeable from any home electrical outlet
  • Flip-up seat so as not to obstruct the stairs
  • Safety sensors that stop the stairlift if there is an obstruction

Along with all of the pros of the Elan, the Elite also comes its own, such as an optional upgrade to a larger seat and larger footrest. Users can also opt to have a power swivel installed, which allows for effort-free swiveling of the chair when it is time to get off. The Elite also has a selection of upholstery and a painted rail so that users may order their model in the color that best suits their home’s décor.

Downsides of the Elite
The Elite is somewhat more expensive than the Elan as well as more bulky. There have also been complaints by those who have found the power-swivel option to be problematic.

Brochures: Download the Elite Brochure   Download the Elite Options Sheet

The Outdoor Elite SRE-2010E

Outdoor Elite Model SRE-2010EThis stairlift was designed for outdoor use. It has been tested in harsh Wisconsin weather and has proven itself able to stand up to the elements. Features of the Outdoor Elite Include:

  • Durable outdoor paint on all steel surfaces
  • Seat cushions that have been upholstered with marine vinyl
  • The ability to work in temperatures ranging from 0 to 125F
  • A weather-resistant cover
  • The ability to carry up to 400lbs
  • A beltless direct-drive motor
  • 12-volt batteries chargeable from any home electrical outlet
  • Flip-up seat so as not to obstruct the stairs
  • Safety sensors that stop the stairlift if there is an obstruction

The Outdoor Elite provides all of the reliability and comfort of the company’s other stairlift models, but on the exterior of the home. Aside from a few elements, this is essentially the same as the indoor Elite model. Users note that the Outdoor Elite is able to stand up to most types of harsh weather and that Bruno’s cover system is effective.

Downsides of the Outdoor Elite
The charger is not weather resistant, unlike the rest of the unit.

Brochures: Download the Outdoor Elite Brochure

The Elite Curve CRE-2110

Elite Curve Model CRE-2110Obviously, not all stairways will be straight and Bruno Independent Living Aids has a solution for this as well. The Elite Curve can be custom-installed for curved staircases.  The Elite’s elegant design can be adapted to a home’s décor thus providing the freedom of movement without diminishing the aesthetic appeal. The features and options are almost identical to those of the straight-rail Elite with the exception of the painted rail; there is no such option with the Elite Curve. The Elite Curve can also be installed in such a way that the lift is removed entirely from the stairs when not in use.  The power of Bruno’s drive system allows the Curve to provide a smooth ride regardless of how the staircase is configured.

Downsides of the Elite Curve
The Elite Curve’s cons are the same as the straight-rail Elite in that it is expensive and options like the power swivel are sometimes problematic.

Brochures: Download the Elite Curve Brochure   Download the Elite Curve Options Sheet

Optional Power Swivel

These were quick pros and cons type Bruno Stair Lift reviews. For more details visit Bruno Independent Living Aids.

Stannah Stairlift Warranty and Services


Stannah stairlift servicing

Stannah Stairlifts is one of the most reputable stair lifts companies in the industry today. They distribute their products in several countries including the United States and some European countries. Stannah offers free assessment service before selling a specific stair lift model to a consumer. They also install the stair lift for free and they conduct after sales care or service without charge as well.

Stannah consultants provided with the right training will visit the house of a prospective buyer to assess the needs of the user and to recommend the right model for them. They will measure the stairs and see the set up of the stairway. They will inform the prospective buyer about the different Stannah stairlift models that may suit the needs of the customer. They will address the concerns of the prospective buyer and help them find the right model for them. The consultants will give a formal estimate after visiting the house but they will not pressure persons to buy their product.

Curved staircases need to have a detailed assessment to ensure utmost safety. The consultants bring their digital equipment so they can get the accurate measurement of the curved stairway. Stannah makes customized curved stair lifts and they design the railing tailored to the specifications of the client’s stairway. Most people don’t know how to get the accurate measurement of their so having a person with the right training makes a difference. Prospective buyers are always welcome to visit one of their showrooms to see the different designs.

Technicians with years of experience will install the stair lifts at the client’s home with no hassle. The technicians of Stannah can install the stair lift unit in just one day. They also test the unit so the buyer can see that it is working well. The technicians will teach the buyer how to use it properly and how to take care of it.

Stannah is confident enough in the quality of their products that they offer customers to give their money back within fourteen days, if they are not satisfied with their stair lift, even if it has been installed already. Stannah can also provide home maintenance service anytime even during holidays. All brand new units come with two year warranty and two maintenance services are given free of charge. On the other hand the reconditioned Stannah stair lifts come with one year warranty and one free maintenance service.

Stair Lift Prices

Are you considering buying a new or used stairlift? Have you done some price shopping already? If yes, then you have probably noticed that they are not cheap.

Stair lift prices could vary greatly, usually from around $1,300 to $10,000, depending on what type of lift you are looking to buy.

Here I’ll share some tips regarding stair lift prices that you may find useful when shopping around.

– Reconditioned stairlifts are much cheaper than brand new once.  These are used units that have been refurbished for sale again. The downside is that they typically carry warranty up to one year only, while new models come with one to five-year warranty.

Buying a stairlifts can change people’s lives– Getting a stairlift for a curved stairway will cost you noticeably more. They are more expensive compared to straight lifts. Their installation is complicated, and vendors charge extra for that. Make sure to request details about the installation cost before you sign any papers.

– Some insurance companies cover partially or completely the cost of a new installation. However, don’t expect Medicare to pay for it. Read more on the subject on Can my Insurance Pay for a Stair Lift?

–  If after exploring all of your options, you still are not able to afford to buy a one, you may consider a stair lift rental. This is a great cost-effective option for people whose needs a only temporary.

After you put down some money for a deposit, you can expect to pay $100-$150 monthly rent. The drawback is that most lifts available for rent are often simple straight models. It’s, usually, hard to find a curved unit for rent that can fit your particular staircase.

I hope that this information gave you some idea on the current prices in the stairlift market. Now you can go ahead and make a smart decision for your home.

Feel free to drop a comment or ask a question below.

Measuring Session For Stairlift

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”eHeRdiqkR7U” title=”Measuring Consultation For Stairlift” upload_time=”2011-02-15T12:07:09.000Z” description=”Our name is on every product we sell, so it is especially important to us that all of our customers are happy with the service we provide. We offer a two year” duration=”PT32S”]

Our identify is on each product we promote, so it’s particularly necessary to us that every one of our clients are proud of the service we offer.

We provide a two 12 months guarantee and two free providers carried out by your native Stannah engineer.

These commitments are the muse of our promise to you — our promise to be ‘at all times true to our phrase’.

Discover out extra at

Alternatively you may name the hotline on: 0800 715 482

Stannah Stairlifts

Basic enquiries:

Watt Shut, East Portway,
Andover, Hampshire
SP10 3SD

Bruno Vertical Platform Lift Wheelchair Lift

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”TuvdpSIss-o” title=”Bruno Vertical Platform Lift Wheelchair Lift” upload_time=”2008-08-25T17:14:08.000Z” description=”Find out how to have a wheelchair lift installed in your home so you can easily access your porch, deck, or upper floors. The Bruno vertical Platform lift” duration=”PT3M26S”]

Learn the way to have a wheelchair raise put in in your house so you may simply entry your porch, deck, or higher flooring. The Bruno vertical Platform raise is one possibility for accessibility in your house. House modification for wheelchair accessibility additionally mentioned.

Putting in A Stair Lift In Your Residence, Half 1.

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”Yndd-v-TsS4″ title=”Installing A Stair Lift In Your Home, Part 1.” upload_time=”2011-04-15T21:41:05.000Z” description=”U.S. Medical Supplies shows you how to install a Stair Lift right. For more Stair Lift Installation please visit ” duration=”PT8M29S”]
U.S. Medical Provides exhibits you the right way to set up a Stair Lift proper. For extra Stair Lift Set up please go to

Golden Know-how Lift Chair Demonstration

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”vkV1r2pCl0Q” title=”Golden Technology Lift Chair Demonstration” upload_time=”2015-10-19T16:27:53.000Z” description=”Watch as Tom demonstrates how comfortable and easy to use the Golden Technology lift chair is. Visit us online or in-store for more details on these incredible” duration=”PT1M16S”]
Watch as Tom demonstrates how comfy and straightforward to make use of the Golden Know-how elevate chair is. Go to us on-line or in-store for extra particulars on these unimaginable American made elevate chairs.
Golden Lift Chairs at Independently Yours:

The Easiest PISTON ELEVATOR In Minecraft!

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At the moment we check out the best potential option to make a piston elevator. Utilizing simply traces of three redstone mud, it actually could not be simpler to make.


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