Stannah Stairlift Warranty and Services


Stannah stairlift servicing

Stannah Stairlifts is one of the most reputable stair lifts companies in the industry today. They distribute their products in several countries including the United States and some European countries. Stannah offers free assessment service before selling a specific stair lift model to a consumer. They also install the stair lift for free and they conduct after sales care or service without charge as well.

Stannah consultants provided with the right training will visit the house of a prospective buyer to assess the needs of the user and to recommend the right model for them. They will measure the stairs and see the set up of the stairway. They will inform the prospective buyer about the different Stannah stairlift models that may suit the needs of the customer. They will address the concerns of the prospective buyer and help them find the right model for them. The consultants will give a formal estimate after visiting the house but they will not pressure persons to buy their product.

Curved staircases need to have a detailed assessment to ensure utmost safety. The consultants bring their digital equipment so they can get the accurate measurement of the curved stairway. Stannah makes customized curved stair lifts and they design the railing tailored to the specifications of the client’s stairway. Most people don’t know how to get the accurate measurement of their so having a person with the right training makes a difference. Prospective buyers are always welcome to visit one of their showrooms to see the different designs.

Technicians with years of experience will install the stair lifts at the client’s home with no hassle. The technicians of Stannah can install the stair lift unit in just one day. They also test the unit so the buyer can see that it is working well. The technicians will teach the buyer how to use it properly and how to take care of it.

Stannah is confident enough in the quality of their products that they offer customers to give their money back within fourteen days, if they are not satisfied with their stair lift, even if it has been installed already. Stannah can also provide home maintenance service anytime even during holidays. All brand new units come with two year warranty and two maintenance services are given free of charge. On the other hand the reconditioned Stannah stair lifts come with one year warranty and one free maintenance service.