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Acorn Stair Lift Review. Recently installed Acorn StairLift. Video shows it in operation, points out a few things about it, how it works, folds, charges, etc.
Acorn Stair Lift.mpg


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  1. I have E3 flashing on mine.Does anyone know just how I can fix this. It
    means that the safety carriage up as been activated, What do I do Next ???

  2. the E3 error code means the up safety panel is activated. Shake or bump the
    upper side of the stair lift – the cover just above the rail on the chassis
    and see if that shakes it enough to let the stair lift run. Sometimes the
    safety panel will make contact with the end cap cover on the end of the
    rail, or sometimes things are dropped on the rail and that will also
    activate the safety panel. Sometimes the tabs that hold the cover on will
    break, causing the switched to activate.

  3. @ Stairliftguy Thanks for the reply. You were right. I have since got it
    fixed and it was the tabs that were broken. Thanks again for your trouble.

  4. The only clown here is you. You come on here saying how bad a company is
    yet you provide no reasons. Real good dummy! Next time don’t be an idiot!

  5. I have the same stairlift at home and wouldn’t want to do without it. Got
    it second hand for a favourable price. Made the mistake of pulling the plug
    out before going on holiday without turning the lift off. The battery now
    needs exchanging. Other than that the stairlift proves useful for a variety
    of things that would be awkward /risky with a steep staircase even if you
    have no mobility problem, for example, carrying heavy items and boxes up
    and down, carrying trays with food. Today we used it for a small filing
    cabinet – great stairlift.