ELEVATORS ARE ALWAYS BAD!!! “YOLO on the Battlefield” #56 — 25 Comments

  1. Awesome video man! Even more awesome it was on PC! Thanks for the hard work
    putting this together brotha! Keep it up 😉 

  2. Why do people even play Metro… Lets all camp 3 corners and have lots of
    fun!!!! NOT.. such a boring map.

  3. finished my first final (3 left!) decided to reward my self with a vid
    before i hit the books again! This series always cracks me up! Good to see
    it back!

  4. i love this i wish more ppl would coop like this im always the only one
    actually calling out the plays and it always helps when i find a good

  5. I LOVE the tactical callings you make I wish you were playing on XBOX 360
    man i would love to play with you guys, were you in the military im
    assuming Sir. 

  6. Sorry bro, I forgot how good your vids are, you never popped up on my main,