Stannah Stairlifts | Measuring Fitting and Installing the Stair Lift Video

Before fitting a Stannah stairlift, their sales consultants will carefully measure both the customer and their staircase. This ensures that the Stannah stairlift will fit them and their home precisely.

Patrick Stannah – Divisional Director
We have a number of demonstration sites across the UK.

Andy Knowles – National Sales Manager
And we would be quite happy to arrange for you to go and try one. Even we’d be happy for one of our Sales Consultants to come and pick you up and take you to try one. When our Sales Consultant actually visits your property to actually assess the staircase and assess the individual he would then be able advise on which is the best product for you.

Gary Hopkin – Regional Distributions Manager
We can fit the Stannah stairlift to most stairs. We will send out a Consultant they’ll measure the customer and the site because both are as important.

Shelley Cole – Marketing Manager
On curved staircases we make the rail to fit the particular staircase because each staircase is different in its design, and by making it bespoke it really ensures that it fits the bend as tightly as possible, and makes the ride as smooth as possible for the customer.

Gary Hopkin – Regional Distributions Manager
All our engineers carry dustsheets, and every engineer has two pair of shoes, so we’ll wear a pair of shoes outside and we have a clean pair of shoes that we’ll wear in the house.

Patrick Stannah – Divisional Director
Most people have the misconception that Stannah stairlifts are fitted to the wall and that is not the case. Stairlifts are screwed down to the stair treads.

Gary Hopkin – Regional Distributions Manager
Dependant upon the model it can take about 2-3 hours to install a stairlift – that depends on the site and any options we are fitting. Plus the handover, the handover is as important as the installation because the user needs to know how to use the  Stannah stairlift, and sometimes we take a long time to explain that.


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