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Stannah Stairlifts Design

Stannah stairlifts are designed according to customers’ needs and Stannah spends a lot of time talking to customers to make sure that their stairlifts are right for them and intuitive to use.

Patrick Stannah – Divisional Director
A key thrust of our stairlift design is to really try and understand what it is our customers want.

Shelley Cole – Marketing Manager
We have worked very hard with our design agency Seymourpowell to really ensure that the stairlifts are designed around the customer and their needs rather than an engineering need.

Andy Knowles – National Sales Manager
Our latest Stannah stairlifts have a very, very unique control which is very similarly shaped to a computer mouse and has been designed along those lines, and that can be used by most people and can be operated with their fingers, the wrist, even somebody’s arm.

Jon Stannah – Managing Director
We wanted also to make the stairlifts totally intuitive to use, so people didn’t have to think how to turn them on, it was just obvious because it’s a bit like operating another sort of household domestic product which they’re used to.

Steve Leathley – Engineering Director
We spend a lot of time talking to customers making sure that the stairlifts that we develop are right for them really.


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  1. Diagnosed with multiple scloross in 1997. 16 years later I can no longer walk. I live in a house with 28 steps 4 sets of 9 moving is not an option. I will need a stair glide. Thank you
    Barbara Instone

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