[1.7.10] PneumaticCraft Showcase: ELEVATORS & PNEUMATIC DOORS! — 25 Comments

  1. every time i try to drop it in my mods i get the message “Forge Mod Loader
    has found a problem with your minecraft installation. The mods and versions
    listed below could not be found.
    Forge: minimum version required is″

  2. I wish that lopster guy would stop interrupting and just let you explain
    the mod. Man he’s so annoying! It took less than a minute before I decided
    to find another video about this mod. Pity, it seemed good otherwise. Just

  3. hi:) i had the pneumeticcraft before i downloaded the map and i wounder why
    the elevators are gone? is it possible that you post another download? :D

  4. i’m having a problem with installing the mod. my forge is up to date and
    the only other thing in my mods folder is the shaders. when i put this mod
    in the folder and opened up minecraft, it did not show up. i’m not quite
    sure what the problem is and i’d like some help. what should I do???

  5. liked the video….but take mr. blue power ranger off the video for your
    showcase. he ruined it

  6. just an update for 1.7.10 for the elevators require more base elevators per
    floor. so 2 base elevators is 3 floors, 3 base 4 so on and so forth.

  7. you really should get your friend to shut up when ya make video . and to
    stop running in front of ya