There are a few different  stair lift models that you can choose from Acorn. Each of these models can be purchased along with a few essential accessories that Acorn provides for their customers. These accessories help to make your stairlift more comfortable, safe, and easy to use. Some of the accessories may even help you to navigate better on some of the more intricate staircases.

Hinged Rail

hinged rail for acorn stairliftsOn a hinged rail the power part of the rail will fold upwards when the stair lift is not being used. This keeps it out of the way and allows people to walk freely up and down the stairs. This accessory is especially useful when there is a doorway at the bottom and to of the stairs.

Stand And Sit Frame

sit stand acorn stairlift

The stand and sit frame helps you to decide if you would like to use the stairs while sitting in the chair or by standing on top of the footrest. It is built with a folding security bar that will help to keep the user steady. It works well for people who have problems bending their knees or if more then one person needs to use it.

Key Locking System

Key Locking System for Acorn StairliftsYou want to make sure that your stair lift stays in good condition and will last you for many years. This means that you only need to use it when you need it and no one else should be using it unless they need it. The best way to make sure that it is not being played with you can lock it and unlock it with a special key.

Seat Belts

Acorn Stairlifts believes in safety first – which is why they have decided to built each model to be able to use their inertial reel lap harness. This safety accessory does not cost anything extra.



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