Acorn Stairlifts Complaints Increase

Acorn Stairlifts Complaints on the Rise

Find out what customers are saying about Acorn Stairlifts, and why there are so many complaints regarding Acorn products.
Acorn Stairlifts Complaints Increase


Acorn Stairlifts Complaints Increase — 8 Comments

  1. I have been a stairlift engineer for over 21 years and I am a dealer for
    Acorn and I would not fit any other Stairlift.Acorns are the most reliable
    stairlift currently on the market.

  2. The comment that says Acorn lifts are the most reliable obvioulsly works
    for Acorn. Their products are cheap and their tactics are unethical!

  3. I have worked on all the major stairlift brands going back 21 years and the
    current Acorn Slimline Stairlift is the best on the market for reliability
    and easy to work on coming from an engineers perspective. I now rum my own
    company and would not install any other brand whether that be a straight or
    curved stairlift. Any person who is knowledgeable about stairlifts would
    say the same thing. My opinion is totally unbiased!

  4. I contacted Acorn recently to ask for a brochure as my husband cannot
    easliy read a computer screen. He is very ill and his time at home is
    limited. I was contacted 4 or 5 times in as many days despite telling the
    first caller that I would contact them when I was ready. The last called I
    told that this was harassment and finally they got the message. This
    approach would put me off no matter how good their prodcuts

  5. I don’t fully understand why there would be such a video made, not unless
    this is by a competitor of Acorn. I find it incredible. My parents have had
    two stair lifts installed, one indoor and one outdoor, without a single
    hitch. The neighbours were so impressed that they also got one installed.
    The turn around for the installation was all within a week of making the
    call. Although the neighbour had an issue with their lift, it was rectified
    within 24 hours and was the neighbours fault for turning the rail off at
    the socket. Overall my parents are very happy and thats what matters.

  6. These people suggesting the Acorn Lift is the best obviously have a vested
    interest in Acorn. Acorn Lifts are junk with salepeople that will sell you
    one for whatever they think they can get from you. People have been sold
    these from $3500 to……$ 8000. So beware, if they breakdown the service
    is brutally bad and they’ll just nail you for more money with a ‘it’s not
    our fault, that’s not under warrenty” BS. I’d rather use a slingshot to get
    a loved one up the stairs than to deal with these clowns. 

  7. Quote: ‘Acorn Lifts are junk with salepeople that will sell you one for
    whatever they think they can get from you. People have been sold these from
    $3500 to……$ 8000. So beware’

    Is it possible that the issue is NOT with the product, but salepeople? I
    write this on the basis that the product has been called ‘junk’ without the
    benefit of substantiation, but then there’s some sort of substantiation
    regarding salespeople. In the UK a curved stairlift will cost twice as
    much, if not more than a straight stairlift, so would the figures provided
    be for both products? If so, then such should be provided clarification.

    I am employed by a small local lift company in Lancashire, UK. As well as
    installing, repairing and servicing passenger lifts, goods lifts,
    dumbwaiters, platform lifts – in fact any lift – the company I’m employed
    by install, repair and service Acorn stairlifts, but the Brooks version
    which is only different from the Acorn in so far as it is a different

    I also repair and service numerous other makes of stairlifts.

    Customers do voice issues regarding aggressive marketing, especially on the
    subject of post sale extended warranty offers, but I have never heard a
    single customer complain about the quality of the stairlift – it does what
    Acorn says it will do.

    Regarding breakdowns. Such are normally as a consequence of an item being
    dropped onto the rail and such goes underneath the carriage and causes a
    malfunction. Rarely do I have issues with the Printed Circuit
    Board/battery charging system, but such does occur.

    Regarding repair cost. Customers pay by the hour… The Acorn/Brooks is a
    stairlift that is very maintenance-friendly. I can strip one down into its
    component form and put back together within the time it takes my wife to
    cook a roast meal.
    And, on out-of-town Acorn/Brooks call-outs, I put a complete carriage in my
    van so I know, even if the circuit board has developed a fault, I will not
    leave a customer stranded without the use of a stairlift.

    PS Prior to Christmas I went to a retail store o purchase new lights for
    the family Christmas tree. The sales person asked if I wanted to purchase
    an extended warranty. The cost of such was a third of the new Christmas
    tree lights. I declined on the basis of an electrical item that was only
    used once a year did not seem to merit such, but the sales person tried.

    PPS When customer’s of the company I’m employed by ask for advice regarding
    an extended warranty I simply say I would advise my mother to put £2 per
    week into a tin… And if the stairlift did not break down in 5 years then
    use the money to have an holiday!

  8. Acorn stairlifts are poorly constructed in Australia and prey on the
    elderly by diabolical installations and faulty workmanship which they
    then fail to remedy. The chair has a design fault which can cause the
    seat post to fracture causing serious injury to the user. Suggest trying a
    alternate Company in Australia that has a track record of a being
    reputable and honest. Avoid this organisation.