#AskGaryVee Episode 108: E-Commerce, Elevators, & & Aliens

#QOTD: Do you care about aliens?

1:15 – Exactly what is something that is still missing out on according to you in the e-commerce area?
2:49 – Exactly what environment is best for you to have effective company conferences in? Meeting room, dining establishment, in-flight?
4:14 – How do I utilize Twitter look for something as distinct as elevators?
6:51 – Would like to understand who #GaryVeeAsks when HE has a life/biz difficulty?
10:15 – How can you declare “household very first” however work nineteen hours a day? How can you be a great dad/hubby & seldom be house?

15:46 – Do you care about aliens?

DAY IN THE LIFE VIDEO https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tlRNqQuHTPg

Gary Vaynerchuk develops companies. Fresh from college he took his household wine company and grew it from a M to a M company in simply 5 years. Now he runs VaynerMedia, among the world’s most popular digital companies. Along the method he how to became a respected angel financier and investor, purchasing business like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox prior to ultimately co-founding VaynerRSE, a M angel fund.|Fresh out of college he took his household wine company and grew it from a M to a M company in simply 5 years. Along the method he how to became a respected angel financier and endeavor capitalist, investing in business like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Uber, and Birchbox prior to ultimately co-founding VaynerRSE, a M angel fund.

The #AskGaryVee Program is Gary’s method of offering as much value value as possible by taking your concerns about social networks, entrepreneurship, start-ups, and household companies and providing you his responses based upon a lifetime of structure effective, multi-million dollar business.

Gary is likewise a respected speaker, providing keynotes at occasions like Le Internet, and SXSW, which you can enjoy here on this channel.

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#AskGaryVee Episode 108: E-Commerce, Elevators, & & Aliens — 23 Comments

  1. #QOTD: Yes, I believe earthlings exist… I’ve lived among them for many of
    their years.

  2. Going to be taking a meeting with +Gary Vaynerchuk in the nearest public
    restroom. Wondering which one has the best wifi.

  3. Love your ‘work-life-balance’ answer and love the frequency of these last
    episodes, I really appreciate it!

    QOTD: I do. Also love the many-worlds-interpretation you guys touched on
    with the different Gary V in a different dimension – I’m a big fan of that!
    Poor DRock btw, you put him on the spot there :D

  4. #AskGaryVee Episode 108: E-Commerce, Elevators & Aliens!!

    #Eccommerce #Aliens #FamilyFirst 

  5. #QOTD I was drunk one time and reasoned it this way. Let’s say there’s a
    one in a gazillion chance that there is life elsewhere in the universe.
    Let’s also assume that the universe is essentially infinite (kinda like a
    gazillion). Well (1/infinity) * infinity is basically equal to 1. Soooooo
    obvious drunken logic conclusion is that we can almost be entirely certain
    that there is life elsewhere in the universe.

  6. I think it’s possible for something to be both a strength AND a weakness,
    Gary… it depends upon how you employ it. like your #106 answer of
    sometimes being too competitive/combative… in that light, you recognized
    that you wouldn’t want to lose it, because it’s definitely one of your
    major strengths.
    QOTD response: Absolutely! Not because I believe any of the abduction or
    sightings claims… just because to think there’s no other intelligent life
    in the universe would be incredibly arrogant… similar to thinking that
    redheads or right-handers are the only intelligent like on Earth (that last
    one was for you,@heartbread)

  7. Love your response to the last question! All-in on everything… intense to
    achieve, but incredible respect for pulling it off.

  8. Do I believe there’s life in the universe besides on Earth? Hell yeah!

    Have you ever accepted a business meeting in a bathroom? (Can we challenge
    people to invite GV to meet in weird locations just to see if there’s an
    invitation that will be too weird even for him?)

  9. Asking if I believe in aliens is like asking if I believe in electricity.
    I believe that electricity exists, but not in it. I believe that there
    are beings that are not human, but who masquerade as human.

  10. You’re spoiling us +Gary Vaynerchuk – love daily full-length episodes.
    #QOTD: I am open ended – there is no scientific proof that aliens do exist
    but we may be limited with our technology to do so. Not ruling them out.

  11. 13:20 , SOOOO TRUE. People totally put their kids up to get more likes…
    but the likes aren’t for you or your product or anything, they’re for your
    KID. So, those likes are very misleading.

  12. #QOTD hahahahahaha 16:42 , and yeah, I believe aliens exist at least on
    some level.

  13. Twitter is key for repair businesses how?: Search X repair tweet the people
    that need their shit fixed and boom you’ve got loads of clients or if your
    stuff is very local you could biz dev with other repair shops nationwide
    and get a commission of every sale.

  14. QOTD: statistically you would be a fool to not say yes. There are
    pre-biological compounds floating in fucking space confirmed for crying out
    loud. So, yes.

  15. #QOTD Hell Yes I Do. We used to think the earth was flat, etc. It’ll come
    out soon. Plus, I think +Gary Vaynerchuk is an alien! Who agrees?

  16. Another serving of solid content. I do believe in aliens, but one of my
    first questions in the subject is: Do you see then as a completely
    different beings or as an evolved version of the human being?
    Keep up the awesome show.

  17. #QOTD: Is there sentient life somewhere else in the universe? Virtually
    guaranteed yes.

    Would Earth get visited by another species of sentient beings from another
    planet? Almost guaranteed no, and we better hope not. Anything smart enough
    to develop the technology to get themselves here would destroy us in a
    heartbeat. We would be like lobotomized cockroaches compared to them.

  18. Of course I believe in aliens. I think it is weird to believe there isn’t
    something else out there. I think Pinterest Buy button is a big move in
    the E Comm space! Liking the curve the show is taking since 100. Also, that
    intro is fire!

  19. You know what, +Gary Vaynerchuk – I once root for Orlando Magic. But when
    they started to have O’Neal and Penny, I lost interest in them. Today, I
    love Orlando Magic again because… they are losing :D

  20. #QOTD – Um… I can’t say that I do. But I keep an open mind.