Get Your Lift With Acorn

Majority of the current stairlifts in the market today are manufactured from sophisticated parts mixed with current technology. Although they may seem complicated, they offer convenience. While there are good brands in the market, it is worthwhile making a comparison of the brands with the same model.

Over the years, Acorn Stairlifts is a firm that has provided lifts to consumers. They are engaged in directly selling their products to consumers compared to other stair lift companies. When buying stairlifts, it is important to consider the capacity of the company to provide after sales service.

Prior to deciding on the stairlift that you will buy, check its safety features as well as the individual parts of the unit. The following points should be considered when buying home stairlifts.

1.See if the lift comes with a cable so that it can be hauled. It can become noisy and will require oiling from time to time. It may also come with a rope or long chain.

2.Find out if the lift has a main cable that comes with the unit. Most likely it can be operated using an AC current. Setting up the unit can be difficult and may require a longer installation time compared to other units.

3.Look for swivel chairs. If there is none, chances are the lift could be an old model. Likewise, it should come with a rack and pinion system to give it the general stability it needs. Battery packs should be present so that the unit would run in the event of a power failure.

In addition, it should have a system whether the unit is already over speeding. This would determine whether the lift is fast in going up or down. The system backs up the drive in case it malfunctions. Its diagnostic display should indicate whether the unit needs to be repaired.

Compared to other brands of lifts, Acorn Stair Lifts has a rack and pinion system without the trailing cable. It is easier to assemble because it is battery-operated. The swivel chair has three different positions. It has a soft start and stop and performs without any noise.

With an over speeding check system, Acorn Stairlifts is secured compared to other brands of home stairlifts. It has a display system that evaluates the status of the whole unit.

When looking for a stair lift, Acorn Stair lifts is the best choice because of the many features that guarantee the safety and security of the user.