Safety and Comfort – Priority for Bruno Stair Lifts

A safe stair lift is not just for disabled at home. It is also for anyone of any age bracket who has difficulty climbing up stairs, especially in a multi-level house. Lots of healthy people sometimes experience dizziness due to common ailments like the flu. Or someone in the family might accidentally have a leg sprain after an outdoor jog or brisk walk. Here is when  home installed Bruno stairlifts comes in handy.

A Bruno stair Lift is designed to lift a 400-pound load on its seat, whether it is an indoor or outdoor safe stairlift, or whether it uses a straight rail or curved rail. Makers of this safe automatic stair-climbing seat have 20 years of experience in the industry, designing comfortable and easy to operate lifts for home and industries. Bruno makers enjoy world-class ISO-9001 certification with the manufacturing business.

With the introduction of Electra-Ride Elite Bruno Stair lift for outdoor use, stairlift users can now venture beyond the confines of the four walls of their house. They can go out into the open with their families and even visit neighbors, enjoying the great outdoors. This safe stairlift designed to withstand all outdoor weather conditions provides easy access from the outer grounds to elevated entrance doors or even entrances on the second floor.

Bruno lift models and types are available in different colors and designs, priced to consider different budgets that various folks would find affordable. However, no matter what the price range is, buyers can be sure of a quality and safe stairlift because of the ISO-9001 certification. Stairlifts should be durable, safe, beautiful (and compatible with the home interior), quiet, and smooth in mobility. Bruno stairlifts have then all.

Bruno automatic staircase seats are not only sleekly upholstered and assembled, they also operate smoothly and quietly with powerful batteries built-in the home vehicle lift seat. They are equipped with body safety straps, safe and rightly fitted seats and back rests, and easy to maneuver controls. A foldable foot rest is also affixed to make the stair vehicle extra comfortable while space-saving.

It is important to have a stairlift operating smoothly and quietly while going up and down. This prevents shaking or abrupt jerks, stops, or starts that may rouse panic in the passenger. A quiet performance ensures that sleeping occupants of the house are not disturbed while operating this staircase device.

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