MULTI – the world’s first rope-free elevator system — 24 Comments

  1. Von TWIN zu MULTI. Mit dem neuen Aufzug von ThyssenKrupp fahren Sie nicht
    nur doppelt so schnell in die Höhe, sondern ab jetzt auch seitwärts. Klingt
    spannend? Ist es auch!

  2. This sounds like a great idea, but how are power outages addressed,
    particularly in the vertical shafts? There are no wires to secure the
    cabins and electromagnets are used, so when power goes out how and what
    kind of brakes are applied? Is there a mechanism where when power goes out
    the brakes are automatically deployed? The new system is much more
    convenient than the old, but is it just as secure?

  3. das ist doch nichts neues lol das giebt es schon lange
    charlie und die schokoladenfabrik sag ich da nur oder Paternosteraufzug

  4. travel times in elevator going to be longer i think tough.deff if theres
    high traffic.

  5. Los edificios cada vez serán más altos y abundantes en las grandes
    ciudades. Los actuales ascensores son demasiado lentos, costosos y
    peligrosos, así que en algunos años más serán reemplazados por otros que no
    utilizaran cables

  6. Krupp is the famous company that built monumental cannons for Hitler using
    slave labour. They are very ingenuous in re-inventing themselves: from
    cannons to elevators.

  7. Horizontal acceleration would have to be very slow. So slow that it would
    be pointless in a building that was narrow. Also some sort of indicator
    would be needed to alert passengers of the coming change in direction. A
    better system would be moving walkways once you got off the elevator and
    even then it would have to be a very wide building to make it viable. 

  8. Seems pretty slow, complicated, dangerous and space consuming. I mean, with
    all those elevators it would be hard not to have a malfunction in the
    system, but its an interesting concept nevertheless.

  9. I can tell it is clearly fake. This innovation requires nanotechnology and
    we don’t have that.

  10. I still don’t know how it works. It wasn’t explained in this stupid video.
    This video just says: hey! What if we had elevators that could travel both
    vertically and horizontally and didn’t have cables? Yeah, well, that would
    be great. Now they need to explain how. Otherwise it’s just as significant
    as a fart in the wind.

  11. so my elevator has to stop because some asshole is spamming the door open
    button 15 floor above me?

  12. I like the concept but I can’t see this being implimented. My only reason
    is money, to achieve vertical and horizontal movement you need more space.
    Your gonna have to either make buildings wider or taller to accommodate the
    lost space from the new evelator shafts. You could be adding millions more
    to the price tag of the building for the sake of people saving 2-3 minutes
    (depending on trafic). Only place I can see this happening is in dubai, no
    one else will warrent spending the extra money.