Pet Stair Lift ‘The Making Of Bubba’s Increase Increase Bus’

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”hUVxBTwn5r8″ title=”Pet Stair Lift ‘The Making Of Bubba’s Boom Boom Bus'” upload_time=”2013-09-06T03:33:38.000Z” description=”PLEASE WATCH EDITED VERSION: which includes the 3 sections, ramp, bus, and winch. Thanks for watching!” duration=”PT21M59S”]
PLEASE WATCH EDITED VERSION: which incorporates the three sections, ramp, bus, and winch. Thanks for watching!


Pet Stair Lift ‘The Making Of Bubba’s Increase Increase Bus’ — 16 Comments

  1. Excellent! We manufacture dog wheelchairs and I would like to put this on our website. Would you be interested in writing up a parts list? It would be extremely helpful to owners of HandicappedPets.

  2. Renee and Jean, Thanks a lot!My parents have 2 old heavy dogs with problems. And this is the best solution for them. My husband and I will try at Christmas time help my father to build it in their home(in Brazil).Thanks a lottt! You don’t have idea how you help other people sharing this video! JuGaribaldi

  3. This bus is really great! Very innovative and DIY stuff! Thumbs up for you. We are thinking to make one for our dog and your instructions are really helpful.

  4. This is absolutely brilliant! Thank you for posting this as my little Corgi can’t really go up and down stairs anymore and doesn’t like to be carried. This is ingenuity at its best! Thanks again.

  5. Not only is this awesome, but the fact that you would do this for your family pet is double awesome. A lot of good work went into this project but the reward is so very much greater. I wish you, your family and Bubba the best for the future. You are wonderful caring people to do something like this which i am also very sure that you have inspired many more to make their pets lives more comfortable and with less physical pain in their golden years. God Bless Your Family and Bubba. Thanks for taking the time to make the video also.

  6. I don’t know if anyone else thought of this, but for lugging stuff upstairs, like laundry or sundries, for limited mobility or elderly (anyone who needs a hand on a rail to climb stairs), this is pretty good as well!!

  7. Great job !! True Bully lover !! Sure does beat carrying them and risk falling. Great job !! ??????????

  8. Do you think you could show how it is made a section at a time, as a mini lift?

  9. thank you for your video,I love my dog with all my heart and I really need this.