Powered Bath Lift Chair – Bathtub Lifts – Bidet Seats

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A bath lift is a specially designed seat which fits in a bath tub and lowers a person in and out of the water. Bath lifts are helpful devices for the elderly or for anyone who has limited mobility. Depending on the various facilities, different types of tub lifts are available in the market.

Bath lift appliances are relatively inexpensive with respect to the freedom they provide the user. In addition to being very reliable and user friendly, they are also very easy to install with installation taking less than 20 minutes in most cases. Most bathtub lifts have a swivel seat and remote control that is waterproof for safety reasons.

Bath lift chairs help to safely lower you into and out of a bathtub if you are having problems doing so yourself. They are a must for anybody with mobility issues and can be moved out easily when the bathtub needs to be used by anybody else.

A bath lift operates by gently lowering the person to the bottom of the bath, letting them bathe conveniently in comfort, safe in the knowledge that the bathlift will raise them again. If there is not enough power to raise the bath lift, it will not lower. Bathlifts are easy to use and the hand control unit will often only have an up and down button. If required, the bathlift can be used by a carer or attendant to ensure that the user is safe.

A bath lift is the best way to increase the safety of taking a bath while making it easier for everybody. They make it easy to transfer into and out of the tub. For safety reasons most use battery power and a completely sealed remote control that also floats. A quality bath lift has a built in battery gauge and will not lower unless the battery is strong enough to go back up again. This ensures that you will never be stuck in the bathtub. Most also have a reclining back so that you can relax in the bathtub safely and in a naturally ergonomic sitting position.
Powered Bath Lift Chair – Bathtub Lifts – Bidet Seats