Quick And Easy: Minecraft Item Elevators

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What do you guys think of all the new graphics? Pretty cool eh?

Test Item Elevator: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pxwYTodDIZ8

MCedit Schematics: http://www.mediafire.com/download/fx8cvi74xr0fro6/Schematics.zip

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Intro: ProleteR – Can’t Stop Me
outro: ProleteR – April Showers

Texture pack is a modified version of the Faithful Texturepack:

Parts of my Texture pack are taken from CodeCrafted:

Quick And Easy: Minecraft Item Elevators


Quick And Easy: Minecraft Item Elevators — 25 Comments

  1. Might not work in 1.7.2 (the version I’m currently using on a server) – I
    tried two different models (including your own 2nd model) and the blocks
    seem to shoot sideways out of the dispensers as if they were oriented that
    way. Is this a sign that the machines are broken after game patches, a bug,
    or something else?

  2. The last one with glass breaks in 1.8.
    You need the have a wall behind it for it to work.

  3. why doesn’t this work for consul is there a different elevator that works?

  4. This is cool because I am gana bild a automatic auto farm line from bottom
    to top

  5. dont worry peoples, soon there will be an update on consoles!!!
    hopefull they get hopper, redstone-block and my fave, witches!!!
    and nice video!!!
    sadly icant make it beacouse im on console:(

  6. I have the second one setup on a blaze farm and the torches burn out. Any
    one have a solution?

  7. The first and second drobs all the items all over the place instead of just
    going to the next dropper!? 🙁
    Can someone please help me?

  8. when I build design 2, the torch burns out and the elevator stops if i try
    to put too much into it.

  9. #1 is shit (cause of MC not mumbo) and #2 doesn’t even work. Do #1 with a 1
    item hopper clock at the bottom level and you’re set.

  10. Is there a height limit for design number 3? I tried it for 64 blocks high
    and it seems to work without a problem but I’d like to use it to move stuff
    from bedrock to about level 128. Thoughts?

  11. Design 2 is extremely easy to overload. If you throw a bunch of items into
    the bottom, the comparator will get stuck on.
    You can fix this using a clock attached to it.

  12. I think the best and easiest elevator is just a minecart with chest or
    hopper,done and to put it in a chest you just can put a hopper under the

  13. the desing of the elevator 2 doasent work! i lost a lot of items and
    materials to build that D:

  14. For the second one the items get stuck in the dropper above the one with
    the comparetor coming out any reason y?