Stair Lift Rental vs. Stairlift Purchase

How realistic is it for you to opt for stair lift rental instead of purchasing your own stair chair lift depends on your budget and can be very situational to your circumstances. Indeed, rental is always cheaper than purchase depending of course on the time frame that you require the device. When you have a straight stairway which simply requires the easily installed straight stair lift, it would render rental to be a more viable cost effective option than purchase.

People benefiting from stair lift rental are those with regular but limited funds who would find it difficult to make a substantial amount of initial deposit for the purchase. The regular monthly payments will be so much more convenient and financially easy to manage.

One key consideration that you need to take into account when opting for either rental or purchase is the time frame that you estimate you would need the stair chair lift. Rental will suffice to be the better choice if you simply need the equipment over a short period of time, say about a year or less. The longer you need the equipment the more rental is made irrelevant over time. This is due to the monthly payments that you are paying for it and over time, you would be paying a lot more than the purchase itself, making rental the less appealing option.

To protect yourself from financial obligations on your rental, you should do due diligence by reading the rental agreement thoroughly, especially the fine prints. Ask questions and make sure that you liaise directly with the representative of the manufacturer and have your discussions documented in black and white on paper for record purposes. In fact, this step should be part of the standard process whenever you purchase home equipment and appliances, as it will help reduce or eliminate disputes.

Even when it comes to renting, there is a deposit involved, although much lower than a purchase. The deposit which would range from $900 to $1,500, generally covers the initial installation, power supply, maintenance, removal charge when the equipment is slated for dismantle as well as expense for the first few months. Thereafter, the monthly payments are about $100 to $200.

To some people, a stair lift is a necessity while to others, there is need to liberate from immobility and dependence. Whether you eventually opt for stairlift rental or purchase, depends on your budget, the stairway at your home, and the time frame you will be requiring the equipment.