TOP 10 WORST ELEVATORS – The Elevator Show

Happy new year everyone! I decided to celebrate with a little blast from the past. Finding poorly maintained and strange elevators is one of the most fun parts of elevator photography, in my opinion. While none of the elevators in this video are actually dangerous (and in fact, most of them aren’t really that bad at all), they’re all bad enough to make the average person off the street worry a bit. You can find a full video (and sometimes many videos) of any of these elevators by searching for the location on my channel.

UPDATE 2/14/14: I’d say that my worst elevator really IS the worst. According to a few reviews on TripAdvisor, an elevator in the complex accelerated from the 6th floor and crashed into the bottom of the shaft! The manager responded in an earlier review and confirmed it:

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TOP 10 WORST ELEVATORS – The Elevator Show


TOP 10 WORST ELEVATORS – The Elevator Show — 25 Comments

  1. 9:33 This “Bang” sound is typical among KONE M-series elevator, reaching
    top and bottom… But woah, what an levling…

  2. Great video! I knew what the #1 worst elevator was going to be before
    seeing it. Definitely one of the worst, if not THE worst in the world!

  3. Lol I had already predicted what the worse one would be?
    How could that thing still be allowed to be in service!? What are the
    regulations for elevators like in Mexico?

  4. Great video! This was a lot of fun to watch and anticipate what the next
    elevator would be. I’m not sure #9 deserves to be on this list, however…

  5. Happy New Year, and now that you’ve made a video of the Top-10 WORST
    elevators, maybe you can make a video of the Top-10 BEST elevators!

  6. Great countdown! Although, I would switch up numbers 3 (Fiesta Americana
    Hotel) and 2 (Country Club) because at the Americana there was just one
    working door sensor and the call station was exposed. At the Country Club,
    the buttons, call stations and door safety equipment all appeared to be
    working. It was pretty funny when you got stuck in the elevator (@ Fiesta
    Americana). Please do a retake of that ASAP and dedicate it to me. You made
    a great pick for the worst elevator ever; I can’t wait to see the next
    retake; it is odd how those buttons flash on and off. A+

  7. The elevator on here that was the worst was the one with the moldy floor
    2010 that one looked like shit 2012 not bad but the floor 2013 improved but
    the buttons they was being lazy with the buttons and cheap at the same time
    but my mom almost got crushed by an elevator door it was like she phased
    the button doors open and then closed that elevator malfunction +TheElevator
    | THX FOR 300! 〈3 +The Elevator Channel 

  8. It’s really too bad you guys might not be able to access it. Oliver M.
    Hazen High School in Renton, WA, has an elevator – only one – installed
    when the school was built, 1969 or so. It’s a little bit rough, a little
    bit noisy, but the real issue is speed, or lack thereof: it covers only two
    floors, and takes close to four minutes to complete the trip, either
    direction. Or, it did in 1997. Back then, it rarely got used, and I had the
    (mis)fortune of helping a wheelchair-bound student with it. We were both

  9. Duck tape. A Canadian invention. Fixing cameras, smoke detectors and
    ELEVATORS since 2000!

  10. Soma parts are mostly funny, like the DieselDucy jump at the Marriott in
    downtown Kansas City, I like it! :)

  11. he must live here in missouri moust of the elevators were in mexico or here
    in mo 

  12. The tenth elevator is like shit I can’t believe lol p.s lovely underwear

  13. boy I would have loved to see the motor room on #1 haha that might have
    been a show

  14. I noticed a trend — most of the bad/scary elevators were Dovers. If I
    recall Dover and Northwestern are the same company. Why so few Schindlers
    or Otis elevators? Are Schindler and Otis better at maintenance or is it
    that owners of Dovers just do not care about keeping them maintained?